A challenging platformer set in a 4 color world! Dash through three worlds, each filled with their own unique obstacles! Inspired by Celeste, Sadisticave is single-screen platformer  made entirely in Javascript and HTML5 with no game engines or libraries, the total project clocking in at 3 months of development.

If you have a hard time completing a level, no problem! The game will save your level progress, diamond count, game time, and death count. Just come back whenever you're ready to dash again!

This game was made with speedrunners in mind, as many optimizations have been made specifically for people that like to go fast. All speedrun times are saved in your browser so you can show off to your friends!

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I like it! Seems very inspired by Celeste. It'd be nice with a "full screen" option, because as it is I need to press F11 to make the browser full screen, and even then I don't see the entire game area because of my laptop's resolution.

Really good game, very high quality. I whoudl totally pay realy human money for this game.

This is very well done.  The onboarding is beautifully executed even for these uncoordinated hands.  Definitely a challenge, but filled with that "one more try" feeling.  Thoroughly enjoying this game.

For a flash/HTML game, it's pretty good! With catchy music, tough levels, and nice visuals, I would suggest you giving this game a try. The game even has build-in speedrun reconds!*

* (I doubt you can beat my Any% WR of 3:55**)

** (You probably could)

Haha, thanks for playing!! Currently, 100% speedrun is 4:36! I'll catch up to your Any% soon ;)